Make a choice to live healthy!

Join us as we talk about issues pertaining to a healthy, natural body and mind.

The doctors at Natural Family Health are proactive in educating individuals and families in being healthy and living naturally.  At Natural Family Health, we share the value of education and reliable information.  We have competencies in many lifestyle and natural medicine disciplines and believe that through sharing this knowledge, we improve the lives of others.

We frequently conduct ongoing in-house wellness seminars for employers as well as present at conferences and professional associations.  Please let us know if you or members of your company or organization would like to engage one of us as a speaker.  Here are some suggested topics.  We are also happy to tailor a talk for you based on your own needs.
General Wellness

Spring Purification

Introduction to Naturopathic Medicine: Everyday Health Care
Natural Medicines

    • Naturopathic Healthcare for Summertime
    • Prevention & Acute Care: Naturopathic Guidelines for Everyday Health Care
    • Toxicity, Part I- Environmental Awareness: “I’m Full of… What?!”
    • Toxicity, Part II- Detoxification: “I’m Full of What?!  GET IT OUT!!”
    • Ahem, Achoo, Gesundheit…  Naturopathic Approach to Allergies
    • Weird Periods, Mood Swings, Hot Flashes, Oh My…  A Naturopathic Approach to Hormonal Transitions
    • Healthy Pregnancy
    •Green Begins WithYOU: Healthy Self -> Healthy Planet

Food & Nutrition

    • Healthy Mind- Healthy Body: Kids' Menus
    • Back to School Nutrition
    • Choices in Nutrition:  “You are what you eat digest and absorb”
Kids Health

    • Healthy Mind- Healthy Body: Kids' Menus
    • Back to School Nutrition
    • Prevent School Absence: A Natural Approach to Prevent and Relieve Children’s Health Complaint
Knowledge Is Power.

A naturopathic doctor's role is to be an educator and provide patients with information and tools needed to feel their best.

Natural Family Health provides guidance to men, women and children in allowing the body to heal itself, as it is designed to do.