Should I Be Worried About Situational Erectile Dysfunction?

Generic Cialis online? Should I Be Worried About Situational Erectile Dysfunction?

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Here are some real facts to consider about erectile dysfunction and Generic Cialis 5mg, 10mg, 20mg tadalafil.


  • The chances of having long-term ED for guys in their 50s is just 4%.
  • For guys 65+ years of age, 1 in 4 will experience long-term ED.
  • Most incidents of ED for men under the age of 70 are situational, not chronic.


Reality can seem very different when you want a lot of television or pay attention to internet advertising. The number of advertisements for erectile dysfunction treatment Generic Cialis products seems to increase every year.


Remember the bathtubs? The woman in lingerie talking about a little blue pill?


If you encounter situational erectile dysfunction, especially for the first time, it can create a lot of stress and worry.


Now here’s the good news. For most men, situational ED is a temporary condition. It can be caused by fatigue, too much alcohol, or basic stress.


How Can I Treat Situational ED?


If you can achieve an erection and maintain it most of the time, then you may have nothing to worry about. This is especially true for men who have sexual intercourse in some positions, but not others.


Men who are able to achieve or maintain an erection 80% of the time during sex are considered to be normal. Anything below this rate should be evaluated Generic Cialis by a doctor, as should any circumstance that makes you feel uncomfortable with your health.


For guys dealing with the 20% “failure rate,” there are a few options available today that can enhance their sexual health.


Exercise: About 30 minutes of moderate exercise before having sex can increase blood circulation, while reducing stress and anxiety, to counter ED symptoms before they can start.


Kamagra: Taking Kamagra about 60 minutes before a planned sexual encounter can also help to counter ED symptoms, especially when guys are feeling aroused in the first place.


Lifestyle: Certain lifestyle habits can contribute to ED as well. Limit your alcohol intake before a planned sexual encounter. Try to reduce a smoking habit. Cut back on sugary drinks. Go for coffee instead of an energy drink if you need caffeine.


Time: Some situational cases of ED can resolve on their own as you engage with a partner sexually. If you’re struggling with an erection right away, then give your partner pleasure first. Their arousal may stimulate your own Generic Cialis online.


Is There Something Wrong with Me if I Have Situational ED?


Wanting to have an erection, but failing to achieve one, will always make a guy nervous. Many guys feel like there is something wrong with them when this happens.


Then the stress and self-doubt from the incident grow, which enhances ED symptoms in the future.


For a majority of guys, an encounter with situational erectile dysfunction is completely normal, especially above the age of 65.


When this issue is encountered, take advantage of the treatment options that are available to you. Try to be spontaneous, while also planning sexual encounters with a product like Kamagra, to make sure you and your partner can stay sexually healthy.


ED is part of the natural aging process when it occurs situationally. If it occurs more frequently, then check-in with your doctor to see how your health is doing.

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