Here are the Best Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

Here are the Best Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana

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There are many ways you can consume marijuana. People like to have fun with consuming marijuana and regularly invent new and interesting ways to enjoy their favorite plant. It helps spice things up a bit and add more to the ever growing appreciation for this hobby. The most common and traditional way of consuming marijuana is smoking, but there are so many new ways nowadays especially with the widespread acceptanceof medical marijuana.

Now that we’ve established that a consumer has a number of options, the best and easiest way to decide how you want to use it is by reflecting on your current lifestyle, your work, family, spare time, daily routines. With that in mind make your own sort of timetable and determine which method of consumption fits you most.

There are different products based on medical marijuana there is edible marijuana, dried and oil. As mentioned above, you should choose what you feel suits your current lifestyle best. Some people like to consume it quickly, on the go as they don’t have much time to prepare it or just don’t want to. Others like to have a sort of ritual of their own. They like to sit back, relax, make their own joint and smoke it in peace and quiet of their space, alone or in company.


This is the usual way of consuming marijuana and probably the most recognizable for general public. It is a pretty fast and fun way for recreational users, just like enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea. One of the perks for users who like to smoke is the instant relief they experience just mere seconds after they inhale, because those active ingredients travel much faster from the lungs to the bloodstream.

One of the cons is that it might be bad for your lungs, of course, not as nearly as smoking two boxes a day of tobacco. However, you might still end up with respiratory inflammations and other lung problems.


This is a method similar to smoking, but as the name suggests, the essence of marijuana is turned into water vapor instead and then inhaled. Vaporizersmostly rely on oil, but there are also those which use dry plants as fuel. You use it by pushing a button to heat up the oil and then inhale the vapor through a designated mouthpiece.

The good thing about vaping is that you don’t inhale any nus-products, like smoke for example. Also, similar to getting more vitamins by eating uncooked vegetables, you get the full benefit of medical marijuana because the curative chemicals are not heated and this means that you are getting the optimal value of benefits medical marijuana has to offer.

It is worth mentioning that vaping is the perfect alternative for people who are trying to stop smoking tobacco.

One of the cons of vaping is developing dry mouth, in case you forget to drink enough water while vaping. Weed vaporizers are not cheap, but it all pays off in the long run because more money is saved on marijuana by vaping. Vaporizers also require regular maintenance and cleaning in order function as intended. There is also a slight learning curve, and you might waste some material and not get the results you were hoping for. But after a while, as with any new practice, you will get a hang of it.


What better way to consume medical marijuana than to add it to your favorite cakes. It can be easily integrated into almost any meal, very similar to a regular spice you would normally use. The most popular and the ones you have probably heard of are chocolate brownies, but the number of possibilities is almost endless. Pick any meal you like and this special little ingredient will surely fit in perfectly.

This is probably the healthiest way of consuming medical marijuana. It takes a little more while to kick in, but then the effect last much longer than with smoking or vaping. It is also pretty discrete, e.g. there is no smell or smoke. The downside of it is that your appetite grows immensely at that time and you could easily gain a bit more weight than you’d want.


Tincture is a blend of concentrated marijuana and alcohol. It is consumed by dripping a few drops into food or drink or by placing some drops underneath your tongue or applying it directly onto your skin. This way of consumption is also considered discrete as there is no smell or smoke, and it is best utilized for pain treatment in children.