10 Tips for Losing Weight before Summer

10 Tips for Losing Weight before Summer

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With summer around the corner, many people are already checking to see if they still fit into last year’s bathing suit. The Holiday season can add unwanted pounds, and getting back in shape for summer can be a dreaded journey from fat to fit. I battled this for many years until I finally made a lifestyle change. Now it’s an easy transition for me because I never let myself go, but it took a long time for me to finally get here, like 3 years! Not everyone has 3 years to drop their desired weight, and oftentimes weight loss goals are brought on by upcoming events like weddings, vacations, seasons, and many other reasons. Losing weight should be a priority for anyone that is overweight, there are many unhealthy complications that can arise as a result of obesity so getting that under control before it’s out of control is extremely important.

Ok, so you want to lose weight quickly, as in a few months before summer right! Well, if you take this very serious you can make a substantial impact and trim off some of that belly fat. But for long-term results, keep at it! Don’t stop exercising, don’t stop being healthy. Here are 10 tips to get you the best results as fast as possible.

  1. Get A Personal Trainer / Online Nutrition Coach

Yeah, I know this probably isn’t what you wanted to hear out of tip #1 but it’s the truth. If you want to get maximum results before summer then invest in a professional. A personal trainer will be able to give you the guidance and motivation you need to push through when things get tough. Trust me, the first few weeks can be rather difficult and getting motivation from a trainer, spouse, friend, anyone that can motivate you will be extremely valuable for your success. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, find a nutrition coach online like this place (http://thebodyshopgilbert.com/site/online-nutrition-coaching). An online nutrition coach is the next best thing and may be a little more affordable than a personal trainer. If you can get your diet plan in place and count calories, you can get the exercise without a personal trainer. If you can mix in both of them for 3 months then you should be extremely pleased with your weight loss results.

  1. Get Your Goals Set

Setting realistic goals is a sure way to make this fun. Unrealistic goals will cause you to fail and fall hard on your face. Keep in mind that there are many variables involved here. Diet and exercise is the key to making the change, but your history will play a role in that as well. Things like age, current weight, health, environment, mental health, and even your career can play a role in your success. Set goals that you can reach and don’t sell yourself short. Evaluate your timeline and put a plan in place to achieve the weight loss goals you want to achieve before summer. When summer ends, think about next summer and start right away in the fall season. Make this a lifelong transformation.

  1. Figure out a Time and Routine That Works

Finding time to add anything new into the schedule is next to impossible for anyone that has a family. I say this because I live this. With a wife and kids at home I am needed to help with homework, dinner, and the rest of my fatherly duties. Then, I need to be a decent husband as well. Carving out time in the evening to workout is next to impossible for me. I was never much of a morning person and getting up early to work out was always a miserable effort that I avoided at all costs. So, I started working out at lunchtime. I started bringing food to work that allowed me to snack periodically throughout the day and prevented me from getting hungry and needing to take a lunch. This not only kept my metabolism pumping all day, but it freed up an hour at lunch to get a workout in. I found a gym around the corner from the office and utilized my lunch hour to crank out some weights and cardio. Where there is a will, there’s a way!

  1. Focus on Strength and Conditioning

Want to lose your belly fat fast? Don’t like running? Don’t like weightlifting? Well, tough! The combination of cardiovascular exercises combined with resistance training is the perfect storm! You need to get your heart rate up, and if you only have an hour then you better get it up quick and often. High intensity training intervals allow you to get your heart rate pumping, then back down again in short bursts. Something like jiu jitsu training is also good for this. Combine that with some solid weight lifting and you have a recipe that will get you the weight loss results you are looking for.

  1. Challenge Yourself

It’s easy to get lazy, motivating yourself can be very difficult if you are not used to doing it. What you need to do is challenge yourself! If you have a personal trainer he/she can do that for you, if not you need to dig deep and find that inner strength that will help you rise up to your own challenges and meet those goals. You must challenge yourself!

  1. Train Smart

Diet and exercise is a science. If you are not familiar with a gym and are not going to hire a personal trainer then make sure you start slow, take your time, and train smart. Injuring yourself early will be such a mental let down. If you decide to join a gym, ask around and get some help. Don’t jump into lifting the heaviest weights. The same goes with dieting; if you decide not to hire a nutrition coach for diet planning then you should read up carefully about proper dieting. If you are off on your protein intake, sugars, or carbs, your body can become off and the whole thing can be thrown out of whack.

  1. Diversify Your Training

Training programs can be boring if you’re not into it. Getting to the gym is hard enough, then finding an exercise routine that is appropriate for your goals and mentally stimulating can be another challenge. Sometimes you just need to plug the headphones in and get to work, other times you need to find something that keeps your interest. A lot of people have enjoyed training Crossfit and competing regularly in competitions to keep them motivated. There are also events like “mud runs” and “spartan races” that can be both entertaining and extremely effective in getting you in shape. Whatever you need to do, just do it. Diversify your training to keep your mind and body engaged.

  1. Diversify Your Diet

Eating healthy can be as boring as anything. I love to eat, and I love to eat foods that are unhealthy. But if you want to lose weight before summer, you need to stack every advantage you can and that includes a boring diet. Cut out the sauces, cheeses, candy, sugars, and everything else that isn’t a whole food. Take a look around online and find yourself an eating plan that works for you. The great thing about a nutrition coach or a macro nutrition coach is that they can prepare a meal plan around your favorite foods. So you don’t have to go without, you just need to limit your portions sizes and the amount of fats and calories you are taking in. If you can cover the cost of online nutrition coach I would definitely recommend it.

  1. Get Someone to Train with You If Needed

Again, a personal trainer would be ideal but if you don’t have the funds you can always lean on a friend or family member. Having someone to hold you accountable is worth its weight in gold. There are plenty of family deals out there at some of the bigger gyms, look online and see if you can find a discount on memberships. Having a partner to train with can make all the difference in the world.

  1. Track Your Progress

Weigh yourself day 1 and continue keeping track of your progress week after week. Seeing the pounds drop and having record of it that you can reference is encouraging. Taking pictures, checking weight, and even using a tape measure to track the inches off the waste line can be motivation enough to push you the following week. Document as much of the process as you can, not only so you can see the before and after pictures, but so you can keep track of what is working for you. You might find that certain exercises or dieting plans work better for you and your goals. Take note, and keep track of your progress!!

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