Welcome to Natural Family Health!

When symptoms occur in the body - chronic back pain, headaches, fatigue or insomnia - they indicate that something is out of balance.  These symptoms are messages for us to listen to and to act upon.  If we mask these symptoms, then we are never truly addressing the cause, just covering it up.

Why seek healthcare from me, your local naturopathic doctor?
    • To learn how to provide your body with what it needs
    • To encourage your body to let go of what it doesn’t need
    • To enjoy an effective, less toxic approach to wellbeing
    • To participate in determining your own health choices
    • To experience less unwanted ‘side’ effects
    • To explore a wellness lifestyle
Natural Family Health is dedicated to contributing to a change in the current health care model by treating the root cause of disease, while fostering harmony, health and healing of our families, our community, and our planet.